Ala Kalika - Rugs & Lamps

A fine selection of rugs and lamps. Artwork by Ashland artist Pegi Smith. 

  Jellyfish lamps from Eangee.  Artwork by Mike Hill and Pegi Smith.

Eangee Lamps made from Alibangbang, Banyan and Cocoa leaves.  Wall décor from Mexico and the Philippians.  

Oriental carpets to match any décor.

Rugs in many patterns. 

  Turkoman silk/wool rug from Afghanistan. 

Eangee leaf lamps, Woodsilk lamps, and Roland Simmons Lamps.

Create your own exotic world. 

Silk flowering lotus lamps from Vietnam,  Copperdrip seahorses from Mexico.. 

Rugs made of wool, silk, and wool/silk blends. 

Driftwood Orb lamp.  Natural color with Banyan leaves.

Vintage silk lamp from China. 

More lamps in the Claycomb Plaza Mall lobby.

Paper Star lamp from India. (Only $19.95, cord included)

Silk Blooming Lotus table lamps.  Koi painting by Pegi Smith. 

The Wave Lamp from Eangee. Cocoa leaves and rattan. 

Lamp with a twist. Bamboo, Rattan and Cloth. 

Each rug is hand-knotted and will last for years.

Exotic collapsible cloth beehive lamps 

We now carry Roland Simmons lamps.  The lamps have a zipper in the back  and roll up.  Many sizes available.

   Hanging Silk Lamps from Vietnam.

Thai Saa Paper lamps and Thai silk seahorse lamps.   

Brunka Masks from Costa Rica.  

Star lamps from India.  Mini Guyabano lamps from the Philippians.

Enter the doorway to an exotic paradise. Eangee 6ft Fortune Floor Lamp on the left.  (Made with Cocoa leaves.) 

Our lamps glow in a soft light for a relaxing mood. 

Entrance to Claycomb Plaza Mall in Ashland. 

Mini Alibangbang lamps.  Capiz Butterfly lamp. Capiz lotus tealights.

Hanging Green Bloooming Lotus Lamp

Each Eangee leaf lamp is unique.  They are individually hand-crafted with real leaves. 

 Bring an exotic and colorful touch into your home with this lamp.

Hanging collapsible cloth lamp with ginko leaves design. 

A 4ft high Wave Lamp from Eangee.  Call for the price. It can be shipped for free.

If you see any lamp on this site that you like give me a call.  Many of them can come in other colors and sizes.

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